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Are You Tired Of Politicians Working For Themselves Rather Than Working For You?

Working Families to the Front of the Line - Low Taxes - More Scholarships - Better Local Economy - High Wage Jobs - Expand Medicaid - Fiscal Responsibility - Equal Opportunity - No PAC Money - No Taxation w/o Representation - Protect & Restore the Lagoon - Home Rule - No Unfunded Mandates - Workers Deserve Fair Pay - Special Interests Last - Represent the People - I work for You, Not Myself! - Jobs! Joe Jobs! - Support Small Business - Veterans First - Balanced Budget - Pay as You Go! - Responsive Government - Strengthening Middle Class - Restoring Pride in Brevard - More Opportunities for Skilled Labor - Protect Voting Rights - Bringing back Manufacturing - Ensure Disability Rights - Support our First Responders - Fight for Home First - Listen to Voters - Results over Promises - Let Teachers Teach! & Reduce Excessive Testing - Protect our Pensions - Ethics over Greed - Quality Education - Fix the St. Johns River Management District - Leadership with No Excuses - Support the Home Front - No more “Bait & Switch” - Equal Pay for Women - NO DISCRIMINATION! - Extremists, Shut-up and Sit-down! - Fix the Veteran’s Administration! - Tax Reform - Immigration Reform Now! - Bigots are not Real Americans! – Innovation is Better than Austerity -

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Personal Background

To learn more about who I am, read about my background in the military and family. Freedom is precious, and the opportunities to enhance it cannot be squandered.

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Campaign Platform

The three main issues I am focusing on in my campaign platform are the economy, the economy, and support for veterans. Yes, I said "the economy twice" because the local economy is that important. My economic plan is to build supportive partnerships between business, labor, and government that revitalizes our local economy. I am uniquely qualified to do so with my decades of experience with and in all three partnership areas.

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Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Serving Merritt Island, Cocoa, Cocoa
Beach, Rockledge, and Cape Canaveral


My Story

Welcome to our website! Based in Merritt Island, Florida, Joe Murray for Florida House, District 51 is my political campaign for Florida House of Representatives. The Space Coast area has lost many jobs due to shutdowns and I want to bring the jobs back using my extensive technology industry contacts. We need a representative to truly work for the home front. What is the "Home Front"?  We are talking about Merritt Island, Cocoa, Rockledge, Cocoa Beach, Port St. John and Cape Canaveral, Florida. We can not afford a Governor and Speaker of the House who cater to special interests and neglect single workers and working families. It is unacceptable to repeatedly turn away jobs and economic assistance for political purposes. We need someone to work intensely for our District 51, a person who cares about the economic future of our community and who will not turn away quality jobs and outside economic assistance which does not adversely affect our Florida lifestyle. It is time for the "Good Ole Boys" to be voted out, not because they are "Good Ole Boys", but because they "Are Not Gettin It Done"!

It’s time to focus on local people, neighbors, and friends, not Democrat or Republican. Yes, I am a Democrat, but I am an American first. I want to represent all of the residents of our great district.  I also believe in balanced budget, instituting a livable working wage, gun rights, gun safety and responsibility, preventing unstable people from owning guns, reducing deficits and, most importantly, economic growth.  Join me and let's make our community and families THRIVE!

Contact me today to pledge your support and receive more information about my economic plan and proposed future legislation.    

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Disclaimer: This is a paid political advertisement paid for and approved by Joe Murray, Democrat for Florida House, District 51.